Get Ready for the Ernie Harmon Auction!

Hello, and a sincere thank you for taking the time to sign up for the Ernie Harmon Auction that kicks off on June 28, 2021! I want to welcome all of our old friends, as well as many new clients, who have gone through the 800 plus lots and can see that this auction is unprecedented in its’ quantity of ultra-rare early American motorcycle parts, as well as some really cool Drag, Sprint and Hot Rod parts that have been accumulating in Ernie’s collection for the past five decades, all of which are selling at NO RESERVE!!!!!

Along with all of the parts, we have Ernie’s AA/FA Bandito racer, his 1941 Willys Hemi powered F/A, along with a mid-engine 1955 Chevy Bel Air, a Hemi powered Dodge Dart, and two Sprint cars, one being street legal with a clear California title! On the motorcycle side, we have a 1915 Harley Davidson sidecar rig and two very rare and special racers, one being a 1912 Indian factory race 4 OHV 500cc single-cylinder and the other an ultra-rare 1915 Harley Davidson factory race engine V-Twin with an OHV Pope top-end conversion. Only the complete motorcycles, race cars, and the race trailer will be selling with reserves, and they are all clearly marked on their descriptions.

We also have, at no reserve, two lathes and two mills that are all in excellent condition, a radial airplane engine, and a Drake V-8 race motor pulled from an Indianapolis open-wheel race car!

Now that I have given you the opening hype, let me get into the reason that I am writing to all of our registered bidders.

  1. Being that this website is absolutely new, we are jumping into the fray with both feet and starting out with a huge auction with no real trial run under our belt. That being said, we are most likely going to run into a few hiccups along the way. I am asking you all in advance to please be patient and if you do experience any issues, please email us directly at or if something needs immediate attention, please feel free to call me at 805 798-1802 so we can get right on it to put out any fires that may spark up.
  2. Regarding the REGISTRATION process, MAKE SURE that you have filled out all of the designated boxes. We MUST HAVE your full name and address along with your credit card information. If you did not enter all your information during your initial registration, please hit the register to bid tab, go to your account, and PLEASE update your information. If we don’t have all of your info on file, it may cause you to not be able to bid and that would be a bad thing!
  3. Please make sure that you read all of the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” and that you understand everything as stated. If you have any questions, contact us directly and we will be happy to walk you through the process!
  4. We have almost 900 individual auction lots that will be starting over a seven-day period. We have set it up with 125 lots starting each day beginning on June 28th and each auction lot will run for a ten-day period.
  5. SALES TAX: California sales tax will be charged on all items remaining in the state. The rate will be 7 1/4% and the total to be taxed is the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium. If you purchase a race motorcycle without a title, you will be charged 7 1/4% tax. If you intend to title the bike, be sure to let us know so we can give you a DMV Form 106 which is clearance for taxes paid. You will fill out this form and send it in to the DMV and they will, in turn, send you back a Form 111 that you will take to the DMV with you to prove you have already paid the tax on the vehicle. If you purchase a motorcycle or car that has a title, you will not be charged sales tax at the time of the purchase but will pay it when you register the vehicle in your name at the DMV.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: Unlike eBay, we will not allow sniping at the end of the auctions. If someone makes a bid as the auction is getting ready to end, the auction will continue for another 15 minutes. This extension on the auction will be in effect for four cycles or a total of one hour.
  7. ALSO UNLIKE EBAY, bidding intervals are set with minimums but no maximums. In other words, if an item is sitting at $50.00 and you want to bid that item to $1,000.00, once you hit the “PLACE BID” tab, the amount showing on the auction will be $1,000.00, not $55.00, so be sure to only bid what you are willing to pay for that item.
  8. We will be invoicing all lots at the end of each day. We will expect payment in full upon receipt. If you plan to purchase items on multiple days, please contact us direct to make special arrangements so we will only bill you once at the end of the auctions instead of each day.
  9. Resale Certificates and Farm Partial Exemption Certificates, Bidders with either Resale Certificates or Farm Partial Exemption Certificates must email us a copy before the start of the auction. If you don’t have a scanner, just take a photo of your certificate on your phone and email it from there to Note: Farmers with a Farm Partial Exemption Certificate for farm equipment will also need to complete a Form 230-D that I will provide for you, so please email us to get the form sent to you.
  10. Regarding shipping, we have made arrangements with the local UPS store to be available to pick up your items for packing and shipping. They have graciously offered to give everything that goes through their hands from the auction a 5% discount for their services. They can handle small to large items, as well as crating, so if you have questions, give them a call direct to make all of your shipping arrangements. We also have others listed on the website for machinery removal as well as transporters for the vehicles. Of course, you are also welcome to use anyone you choose for your shipping needs. Please note that we will assist in the hand-off of the sold items to your designated shipper once payment has been made. It is up to YOU to make shipping arrangements directly with the shipper of your choice. No items will be released until proof of payment is received in full. NOTE! For heavy or large items, it is up to you to make arrangements with your transporters to bring whatever is necessary to load your purchases. We will not have pallets or a forklift on site! We do not offer FOB services!
  11. Being that the last day for all of the auctions to conclude is July 13, we will allow up to one week from that date for everything to be removed from the premises. Any unclaimed item that is not picked up after July 20, 2021, will be placed in storage with fees applied unless previous arrangements have been made with us in advance.
  12. This is an absolute sale auction. There are no returns expressed or applied. You bid on it, you pay for it, you own it and you ship it! NO EXCEPTIONS!

In closing, I again want to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback and support we have received to this point.  We are making every effort to create something that is a positive experience for everyone and good for the industry. As always, we are open for suggestions or advise that will help us improve this new venture.  

Best regards,
Glenn Bator

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